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Hunting Accessories

Hog Traps


4x4x8 hog trap 

Framed with 1 1/2" angle iron

Sliding guillotine style door

Painted gloss black or flat green


Made to Order

Lighted Reciever Hitch Cleaning Station


Receiver hitch deer cleaning station with 2 - 4" led lights wired to a trailer light plug.  Swivels to load deer or hogs into the back of a truck but also can be locked so it won't swivel while your working. 1000 pound winch and 4000 pound pulley $300 with swivel 

$250 without swivel

The Hammer Protein Feeder


Timed Protein Feeder Control Unit


(Currently on Backorder)

T-Mate Camera Mount


Easily attach your camera to a T-post without the aggravation of bungee cords, or bailing wire.  Simply attach your camera to it,  Slip in over a T-post and latch it in place!  All steel and powder coated for a lifetime of service in the weather.  Made right here in Texas.

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T-Shade  * Provides protection from the sun  * Will increase battery/camera life.  * Helps with “morning dew effect” * Keeps the “snow load” off the camera  * Give some shading from low angle sun glare.  * It’ll add “bounce” to nighttime LED flash.  * Keep the birds off your cameras.  * Hopefully, it’ll help with woodpecker lens.  * Height adjustable for different cameras  * Used as accessory shelf for mounting things like solar panels.  * Made of Galvanized steel for longevity.

T-Mate Mount is required to use this.

Available to purchase under the "Store" dropdown at the top of the screen